Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China: Door to New Opportunities in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Online Application System

Note The completed application form and all the required documentation should be uploaded to the online application system by the deadline. LATE AND INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
Application Deadline HKT 09:00 on April 29, 2019

I. Applicant's Particulars
Note: Students must bear the responsibility and the cost of visa application should a visa be needed for their stay in Singapore.
II. Language Proficiency
III. Academic Background
Please fill in your academic qualification (in descending chronological order):
IV. Awards/Academic Distinctions/Scholarships
Please list the awards/academic distinctions/scholarships in the past two years (in descending chronological order). If you have more than 5 records, please include in your resume.
V. Extra-curricular Activities / Community Services
Please list the extra-curricular activities which you have engaged in the past two years (e.g. sports, club and society membership, hall activities, community service and other community involvement), and indicate positions of responsibility or level of participation you have devoted to each activity (in descending chronological order). If you have more than 5 records, please include in your resume. :
VI. Scholarship
Students with a CGPA of 3.0 or above or equivalent is eligible to apply for programme scholarship. For application, you are required to include 1) Extra-curricular activities / services participated since admission to your undergraduate programme and 2) Honors received since admission to your undergraduate programme in your Resume.
VI. Personal Statement
Please state your reasons of joining the programme and how the programme will enhance your personal and professional development. For those who wish to apply for the scholarship, please elaborate on how you will contribute to the programme. Please complete in Word document format and upload the file below (300 words).

Please save the file in your full name (File name: surname_givenname_personal_statement.doc)
VII. Other Required Documents

Recent identity photograph with 300dpi in JPG format File name: surname_givenname_photo.jpg

File name: surname_givenname_english_proficiency.pdf

File name: surname_givenname_resume.pdf

File name: surname_givenname_transcripts.pdf

(Certificates, reference letters, etc. which support and facilitate the evaluation of your scholarship application) File name:
VIII. Declaration